Daisy Donk

Whatever I want. Whether your next stop is the red carpet or the taco truck, we got you covered. Think quesadilla couture. Daisy Donk is an arty, body positive clothing line created by Charlotte Dean and me(Chloe Allred) of the Body Joy Project.

It's actually been a pretty powerful experience for me to design my own clothing. When I was a little girl I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I always felt like I was too big, too much. I was ashamed of my size, I hated shopping and having to enter dressing rooms, having to look at myself in that horrible light. As an adult and through a daily commitment to body positivity, my perspective on my body and self worth has changed so much. With Daisy Donk, it has been amazing to wear my own drawings and to see other people wearing my drawings. It's not just a surface beauty, it's coming from a profound transformation in me, in being able to see my worth, appreciate my body, and really live my life.